The NSP Protocol is now an audited part of the Red Tractor Standard for potatoes.

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Nematicide Stewardship Programme

Nematode control is integral to the production of high quality, nutritious potatoes and granular nematicides are a vital tool in an integrated strategy to control this pest.

The NSP’s role is to ensure a best practice approach across all aspects of their use, from delivery on farm through to operator handling, machinery set up and maintenance, to application and storage.

The NSP is a cross industry group, which includes representatives from Syngenta, AICFPSANFU and PPA, as well as many independent food groups.

What can I do to help?

The NSP, in conjunction with the NIAB training platform ARTIS, has funded a suite of online training courses with BASIS and NRoSO points available on completion.

This course is for anyone who applies granular nematicides and helps to:

  • Comply with Red Tractor assurance schemes
  • Protect yield through better pest control
  • Safeguard product availability

The NSP has also been working with the training group to help deliver physical training courses. Click here to register your interest.