The Nematicide Stewardship Programme

The overall aims of the NSP are to address challenges related to the sustainable control of nematodes including standardisation of soil sampling and laboratory testing and to stimulate cross-industry collaboration in order to develop best practice stewardship solutions. The Initiative has been developed by industry and includes partners from stakeholder organisations, agrochemical companies, manufacturers, distributors and research providers.

Its main objectives are to:

  • identify and promote best practice in the safe and efficient management of nematodes;
  • facilitate greater alignment, collaboration and information sharing between partners;
  • to develop standardised soil sampling protocols;
  • to establish a robust industry proficiency testing scheme which is used to regularly monitor the reliability of laboratory PCN testing services;
  • monitor political landscape and inform UK and EU policy makers with evidence to support sustainable nematode management;
  • scope future research needs;
  • communicate the achievements of the NSP to the wider industry.

The NSP follows the principles of anti-trust guidelines when conducting any business with group members. Each meeting has an agenda and the minutes of the meeting, are circulated within one month of the meeting date.

Independent Chair Patrick Mitton

Andy Alexander, NFU
Simon Alexander, Red Tractor
Jeffrey Beever, McCain Foods (representing the PPA)
Peter Blaylock, E Park and Sons (representing the FPSA)
Mark Britton, Syngenta
Craig Chisholm, Dupont
Rob Clayton, AHDB
Sue Cowgil, AHDB
Emma Hamer, NFU
Douglas Hobbs, NIAB
John Keer, Richard Austin Agriculture Ltd
Laurence Power, Certis
Claire Pumfrey, NIAB
Anne Stone, AHDB
Steven Tompkins, NIAB
Nick Winmill, Agrii

All Agrochemical company representatives.
Not less than 4 industry stakeholder members

Frequency of meetings
A minimum of 2 per year, with 3 recommended as optimal